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Automatic Label High-Speeding Die-Cutting Machine

The automatic PSA label die cutter is use for cutting roll, with blank PSA lable or printed label. partiador sult for die cutting laser hologrraphic lable with cursor and tripping.

Main characteristics:

1. Automatic deviation correction and unreeling, small left and right contraposition;

2. intelligent photoelectric positioning and hight repositioning accuracy;

3. Microprocessor control technology and flexible optical control and progrram control parameters;

4. Movable and rotating knife rest;

5. Independent waste rejection and rolling and smooth spray;

6. Rolling after two sets of finished products, and tidy slitting and rolling.

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Passable width: 340mm cutting area: 200x 200 mm2 300x200mm2.

2. Cutting speed: Max 250 times/min.

3. Cursor Positioning Accuracty: 0.10mm

4. Left and Right Adjustment Accuracy: 0.15mm

5. Max. Rolling Diameter: Unrolling: 500mm; rolling: 400mm; waste roll: 350mm

6. Min. Stripping Width: 12mm

7. Paper Base: 65g/m2 glassine paper above.

8. Power Supply: 220V, 2000W

9. Exterior Dimension: 2,450x900x1,400mm3

10. Weight: 700kg

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