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SJA - 300

For HOLOPRESS electro forming system, there are two models available:

HOLOPRESS EF2002 2-tank unit

HOLOPRESS EF2003 3-tank unit

Production size: Electroforming holographic plates : 12 x 12
Porductivity: 1 plate/tank/h

The same tank can be used for production. The master tool is electroformed from the photo etched slab rubber after developing and silver plating or the holographic embossing plate(nickel shims) is exuded.

The Silvering is dong chemically by means of certain chemicals and
a double nozzle spray gun, which deposites a conductive layer onto the surface structure of the developed photo-etched plate..
This plate can be replicated with the electroforming the master tool in tank 1.

the machine includes rectifiers, pumps, filters, heaters, thermostat and recording amp/ hour meter.
the polypropylene tanks contain approximately 250 liters of nickel sulfamate solution, which can be used more than one year.

HOLOPRESS EF2002 and EF2003 eletroforming equipments are the equipments of "handle key". They are equipped with manuals. And the additional chemicals are used for "tank solution control" and the filter. They are used for production for 3 months.

All internal wiring and plumbing are complete. The user only need to supply hot and cold running water, distilled or deionized water under pressure or running and exhaust outlet and elextricity equal to 18A 220V A/C.

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